Poetry in Person at the New School, with Pinksy, Muldoon, Kumin, Hirsch, and Plumly

On March 31, five of the nearly 100 poets who had been invited over the years to Pearl London's famous class at the New School returned there to celebrate her life and work.  Robert Pinsky, Edward Hirsch, Maxine Kumin, Paul Muldoon, and Stanley Plumly each read the poems she discussed with them on their visits years earlier, including Pinsky's canonical "The Want Bone," the title poem to Hirsch's "Wild Gratitude," and Muldoon's, "Cows."   These discussions, and dozens of others, formed the basis of the new Poetry in Person: 25 Years of Conversation with America's Poets.  The 66 minute event, introduced by Robert Polito and myself, was webcast and can now be viewed on Youtube.


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